Brand/Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs aim to provide customers with an enhanced experience by providing benefits to its members in the form of discounts, free products, special promotions, and exclusive perks. There are many benefits to convenient store operations that choose to implement a loyalty program.

New Technology & Consumer Demands Will Change the C-Store Industry Forever

Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to brand & loyalty programs. It’s important for brands to think about what benefits they can offer to consumers that would encourage them to choose their loyalty program over a competitor. Our Whitepaper will help you qualify and quantify current and future initiatives and technologies.

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What You Will Learn

Today, the lines between c-stores, drugstores, quick service restaurants, and grocery chains have blurred giving customers plenty of options when it comes to purchasing food, beverages, and other household items. With convenience no longer the singular main competitive edge for convenience stores, they need to find new ways to attract and engage both new and existing customers. One of the best ways to do this is through a robust customer loyalty program.

Early Digitization

Automated delivery, curbside pickup, and at-homedelivery service are the need of the hour.


Operations & Maintenance programs to control costs and enhance customer experience are vital.


Shift from traditional store layouts to drive-up options and virtual reality-infused environments can change the nature of the game.

Best Practices

Incentives, personalized shopping, discounts, and constant engagement for loyal customers are crucial for long-term retention.

Loyalty Leaders

A healthier variety of food offerings, including fresh produce, gourmet coffee, and vegan-based options, is essential for health-conscious consumers.

The Future

Charging stations and other amenities for customers to accommodate electric vehicles can help C-Stores adjust to the new shift.