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5 Popular Foods That You Need to Stock in 2023

When It Comes to Popular Foods to Stock in Your C-Store This Year - Look Here

Refrigerated food case inside a c-store.

taying competitive as a convenience store is no easy feat. You have to ensure you have popular foods available for customers and hopefully, beat the prices and quality of your local competitors.

Consider the fact that there are over 150,000 convenience stores operating throughout the United States right now. If you want to stand out ahead of others, you need to make the right decisions when it comes to stocking your shelves.

The good news is that this article can help. Outlined below are the top five foods you definitely need in your store in 2023. Keep reading to keep your customers happy.

1. Snack Bars

Convenience stores should definitely stock a variety of snack bars. They are a popular and convenient food option for customers on the go.

Snack bars come in a range of flavors and dietary needs, including protein bars, granola bars, and energy bars. They are a quick and easy source of energy for customers who need a quick boost. Additionally, customers who are looking for a healthier snack option will appreciate the variety of snack bars that are high in protein, fiber, and nutrients.

2. Ready-to-Eat Meals

Convenience stores should also stock plenty of ready-to-eat meals. These could include microwavable soups, instant noodles, and frozen meals.

These meals are a convenient option for customers who need a quick and easy lunch or dinner option. Plus, customers who are looking for a healthier meal option will appreciate the variety of ready-to-eat meals that are high in protein and low in sodium. Ready-to-eat meals are a great option for customers who are short on time and want a meal that is quick and easy to prepare.

Remember, having things that stand out against your local market competitors would be worth your investment. Convenience stores generate over $37 billion in revenue in a single year, after all. Don't get left behind just because you weren't willing to offer enough of a variety of foods.

3. A Variety of Beverages

Of course, any snack or meal needs to come with a drink. Beverages should be offered in a variety of options. Consider water, sports drinks, energy drinks, and coffee.

Water is a popular and healthy beverage option that is great for customers who are looking for hydration. Remember that it might be in your best interest to include many different brands of water bottles for the pickier customers.

Sports drinks are a great option for customers who are active and need a quick source of energy and hydration. Energy drinks are ideal for customers who need a quick energy boost. You might even benefit from asking some of your regular customers what they might like to see in your store when it comes to beverage options.

4. Chips and Snacks

Chips and snacks are a staple in convenience stores, too. Chips are a popular and convenient snack option that is great for customers who are looking for something quick and easy. Pretzels and crackers are also in high demand. Nuts are a great snack option for customers who are specifically looking for a healthy and protein-rich snack. Don't be afraid to get creative when it comes to these snack options, either. Customers will always appreciate a variety, which can be of particular value if you get a variety of customers in your store.

5. Fresh Fruit

Speaking of healthy, fresh fruit is a convenient food option that you simply have to carry to keep your customers happy. Customers who are looking for a quick and healthy snack option will appreciate the variety of fresh fruit options available. You might want to think about offering fruits such as apples, bananas, and grapes. Fresh fruit is also a great source of nutrients, fiber, and hydration. Not only will your customers enjoy these tasty treats - especially on a hot day. In addition, they're going to enjoy the healthy benefits of the nutrients and minerals found in the fruit.

Stock Your Shelves with the Most Popular Foods Today

Now that you know what the most popular foods of the day are, it's time to get to stocking. Fortunately, we have everything you might need to make your convenience store really shine. That's why we encourage you to take the time to browse through the rest of our website. To start, learn more about our food brokerage services and how we can be of benefit to you.

June 23, 2023