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7-Eleven & Instacart Partner for Delivery

What Will This Collaboration Mean to Customers

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Eleven & Instacart Partner for Delivery

7 Eleven Inc. is now expanding its partnership with online grocery platform Instacart to nearly 4,000 convenience stores across the country. The news of the new 7-Eleven and Instacart partnership on delivery didn’t come as a big surprise to many with the success that comes from it. The news brought in big awes and unlimited possibilities. The partnership for delivery will expand the number of cities that can receive delivery services from the two which is beneficial to both the customers and the retailers.

The c-store delivery service is expected to help customers with a wide range of services and bring convenience to the table. The delivery service is 30-minutes or less for a person to get what they ordered.

What Does This Expanded Collaboration Bring?

The 7-eleven and Instacart partner isn’t something new. It is the expansion of a partnership that has helped in the convenience of many Americans. With the expansion, Instacart delivers from nearly 6,000 7-Eleven locations. That allows about 60-milllion US households to have access to the delivery services. With that much spread, customers will need to wait about 30-minutes only to have what they ordered delivered. The partnership puts the convenience in convenience stores. 4,000 new locations expansion is a significant achievement that cannot be overlooked.

With the expansion in place, 7-Eleven delivery via Instacart will be available in 33-states and Washington, D.C. Numbers do not lie and as it currently shows, this is one of the largest c-store delivery service existing. The delivery service will do a lot of good and the reach it now has means many more households can get deliveries from their homes. There is a wide range of goods that people can order from 7-Eleven through Instacart and the short delivery times make the service more than desirable.  There was a growing demand of c-store delivery services and this partnership was solely made for the customers.

What Does This Mean to Customers?

In the beautiful 7-eleven and Instacart partnership, it is the customers who are set to benefit the most. The main rationale for the partnership was for the customers to get what they wanted. The vice president of retail at Instacart, Chris Rogers made it clear when he stated:

“We know the way customers shop for their groceries and goods varies week-by-week. Sometimes people need a full fridge and pantry restock and other times they just need a few things quickly like some snacks for the kids, a bottle of wine for dinner or over-the-counter medication to nurse a headache. As more people turn to Instacart to help put food on their tables, we've seen customer demand for convenience retailers increase over the last year, with convenience orders on Instacart up by more than 350 percent since last August.”

The growing was the inspiration of the expansion. An urge to fulfill the needs and wants of customers. In the 33-states available, alcohol delivery from c-stores is available in seven of them. They are California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, New York and Ohio, as well as Washington, D.C. The c-stores delivery service has come with a bang.

What is the added value?

The added value that can be gotten from the c-store delivery service is a main focus of interest. The customers are primary recipients with the time value being one of the added values of the service. With more 7-Eleven stores via Instacart means that the density and distribution of the stores will make delivery faster. Going to the grocery store, waiting in cues, and having to drive back can be a bit of a bummer. Especially when what is being picked is just a few items. Shopping from the comfort of a home, or any relevant location and waiting no more than 30-mins to get them delivered is unmatched. The time value of the service cannot be overlooked.

The 7-eleven and Instacart partner also means that c-store delivery services will be revolutionized. The partnership is testing the limits and bringing new standards to the practice on its own. It is inspirational and the convenience that is brought from the service is admirable. The delivery service is safe and all items reach the recipient in mint condition. The delivery service will reduce the jamming of convenient stores and will also benefit those who don’t always use the service as cues will be cut down by a lot.

How is Ordering and Delivery Done?

Simplicity is something that the c-store delivery service was looking to capture. Ordering has never been so easy. Customers can order 7-Eleven products on Instacart by visiting www.instacart.com/711 or opening the Instacart app on their mobile device. An Instacart shopper will pick and deliver the order within the customer's designated time frame, which can be either on-demand or scheduled in advance. From there, all a person has to do is seat and wait for their doorbell to ring or for a knock. There goods will be there delivered on time.

For alcohol delivery from c-stores, it is important to note that the person making the order should be above 21-years of age. The person ordering will be required to enter their date of birth during checkout. Presentation of a valid Government ID at the time of delivery will also be required. It is vital that the law is upheld and only those who are eligible to drink alcohol can access alcohol delivery services.

The 7-Eleven and Instacart delivery is a product of proud parties who look to enhance the convenience of c-stores shopping. Both parties are ready to have the ground launching and as much as no one knows what the future holds, we can expect more premium services and expansion from the two companies. Any time that a person wants to get delivery, the partners are the one to go-to. 7-Eleven operates, franchises and/or licenses more than 77,000 stores in 16 countries and regions, including 16,000 in North America.

December 7, 2021