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Common Retail Food Packaging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learn What Not to Do in Retail Food Packaging

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ood packaging and food containers make up the majority of solid waste and food manufacturing companies can help with changing this. This is one of the most common differentiators between different retail food brands. This also shows that 63% of the waste produced across the U.S. comes from food packaging, and this is an area where food retail companies often fall short.

There are a variety of retail food packaging mistakes that can make or break the popularity of different brands and the trust that consumers have in them. The thought put into your packaging will directly impact your sales. It will also influence the consistency of the sales you do make.

Keep reading while we list some of the most common mistakes that are made with retail food packaging.

Not Putting Enough Thought Into the Design of Things

Did you know that seven seconds is all it takes for someone to judge your product packaging? First impressions make a big difference when it comes to food manufacturing. If your product is next to another product that features a significantly better design and labeling, you will have lost that customer.

Without putting enough thought into the design of packaging, businesses miss out on a large amount of traffic even if they're in front of consumers. At least 72% of consumers in the U.S. have said that the way the design of a product looks will influence whether they buy that product.

After realizing the impact that design has on exposure and sales, many business owners often create a food packaging budget to combat the effects of not complying with the need for better design. After doing this, businesses start to see a 30% spike in their take-home revenue.

Food packaging ideas that improve packaging design require a fresh take on more than just the external look. It will require you to think about typography and leveling out the placement of label components. After implementing these changes, three out of every ten businesses will start to notice an increase in the revenue they make.

This is often referred to as consistent brand recognition and management. The design that wraps the product is what the customer sees first and will always alter the decision they make when filling their cart.

This is especially true if you sell your food products online. Design that appeals to buyers can often attract repeat business when consumers are shopping online.

Customers Are Saying Your Product Is Hard to Open

When food packaging becomes a top priority, this will need to also involve how easy it is for customers to get into it. Consumers will go for a product that is aesthetically pleasing but they also prioritize efficiency.

While you can't always tell if a product will be easy to open before you buy it, it will play a factor in whether you are converting customers into repeat customers. Have you realized that it costs five times more to get and keep new customers than it would cost to retain the customers you already have?

This will vary on a majority of factors from the type of company to the product and its presentation. Accessibility to the actual product will be one of those influencers. Making this easier on your customers will increase your chances of them coming back.

You Haven't Defined Your Target Market

This is one point that contributes to business failure and waste of resources when you consider retail food packaging mistakes. Without defining your target market, you put yourself at risk of not targeting the right people and wasting money on marketing that isn't going to work. If you don't know who your target audience is, you won't know how to design your product packaging.

This could mean a loss in potential revenue. Knowing who your food packaging should appeal to will also help you identify who your direct and indirect competitors are. This will allow you to get a better idea of who your competition is doing and what you need to do to stay ahead of them.

Using the Wrong Type of Packing Materials

There is such a thing as using the wrong types of materials when packaging food. If you use the wrong material, you could affect the quality of your food. Improper packaging can cause food to spoil or discolor faster.

It could even ruin the consistency of some textures. This is an even more important point if you sell your food products online. Even so, if you sell your products in physical locations, consistency between packaging is important so make sure that what you use for online and physical sales is the same in at least design.

If You Think Labeling Doesn't Matter, You're Wrong

Labels on packages should be free of typos with proper spacing. They should also be factual and match the items that they are attached to. When consumers recognize discrepancies in product labels and the product itself, this could reflect badly on your business.

This could also cause you to leave business that may have had the potential to become repeat customers. You shouldn't only pay attention to label content. Ensure that all health and safety information is valid so that you can increase customer trust in your brand.

Customers Don't Appreciate Wasteful Product Packaging

If you want your food products to stand out from the crowd, consider packaging your food in recyclable material. Buyers are more interested in sustainable companies and products than ever before. This means that those that prioritize this feature, are more likely to appeal to buyers.

This could mean different things for different companies. Popular options could mean using bamboo or stone paper. You may also find it beneficial to use biodegradable deals in the design of your eco-friendly packages.

Avoiding Retail Food Packaging Mistakes With Help

Retail food packaging mistakes are easy to make and even harder to correct after you've already launched. It would be best to consult with professionals during your packaging planning process. This will limit the chances for mistakes, save you money, and enhance the trust that consumers have in your business.

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May 26, 2023