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Food Brokers: Who Are They and How They Can Benefit Your Business

Find Out How Food Brokers Can Make Your Life Easier

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n May of 2022, it was reported that the prices of plant-based meat substitutes had fallen by roughly 5.8 percent. This goes to show that prices in the food industry are constantly changing, but do you know that food brokers can help you to keep your food prices down? Many businesses have heard of food brokerages but they aren't sure what they do or how they help with food sales and marketing. The problem is that some businesses are costing themselves time, energy and money because they aren't using food brokers. This is why it's always better to know who they are and what they can do for your sales & marketing of food products.

So if you would like to learn who food brokers are and how they can help you, keep reading.

Who Are Food Brokers?

While food brokers have been around for a while we appreciate that not everyone is familiar with who they are. The role of a 'food broker' may sound complicated, but it's fairly straightforward. In short, a food broker's job is to sell food products to businesses that require them. This means that they will get the food that you order and supply it to your business.

Typically food brokers will buy food from a distributor or manufacturer and they then 'resell' food products to convenience stores, large supermarkets, and other businesses.

Because the food is often pre-packaged and has promotional marketing on it already you can simply sell it to your customers without worrying about the marketing.  

More Ways that Food Brokers Help

There are some other services that food brokers can offer you. For example, some food brokers will supply the food to you and they may also deliver it. Since food brokers primarily specialize in food, they can usually supply you with food that you may struggle to get elsewhere. This is one of the reasons why businesses tend to use them.

The role of a 'food broker' may sound complicated, but it's fairly straightforward. In short, a food broker's job is to sell food products to businesses that require them. This means that they will get the food that you order and supply it to your business.

Food brokers will often negotiate prices with businesses that they are selling to. This means that you can work out a price so you get the most value for money. This also allows you to build business relationships with food brokers and if you like their services you can continue using them.

The Benefits of Using a Food Brokerage

There are many benefits to using food brokers, however many businesses are not aware of them. We have covered some of the top benefits of using food brokers below.

Consistent and Reliable Service

One of the biggest benefits of having a food broker is that you can move more food products. This is because a good convenience store food broker is reliable. Lots of businesses rely on having food consistently delivered to them, however, they need a service to help. The great thing about food brokers is that they can do this for you.


Another benefit to using food brokers is the fact that they can be cost-effective. Buying from a food broker can save you money particularly if you are buying in bulk. This is because food normally costs less when the food broker gets it and they can sell it to you for a better price. As you are saving money on the food that you buy this may help you to make more profit in your business.

More Specialized Food Products

Aside from food brokers being more cost-effective, they are also more specialized. This means that the food you get may be fresher, more specific, and also of higher quality. Not only that but it can be difficult to get certain types of food depending on the suppliers that you currently have. However, food brokers are dedicated to offering a wide range of food so they are more likely to have the food products that you are looking for.

Of course, these are only a few of the benefits that food brokers offer and there are many more of them.

Where to Find Food Brokers

Part of the trouble of being a business owner who relies on food products is finding a good food broker. After, all there are many services out there, however, not all of them are of high quality. Finding a good food broker becomes much easier when you know where to look. There are both online and offline options when looking for food brokers, and one of the best places you can look for a food broker is online.

We recommend that you choose a food broker that offers great service and has a great reputation.

While we can’t provide every food brokerage service, we can recommend our service - specializing in C-Store food service - at It's All Goods. We offer a wide range of high-quality cost-effective food delivered to you on time. All of our staff are highly trained to ensure that your food is taken care of and our service is kept to a high standard.

So if you would like to learn more about our food brokerage service and how we can help you, while recieving great content about the industry, then sign up for our newsletter.

Get a Food Broker Today

Finding a good food brokerage can feel like a bit of a challenge. However, we hope that this guide on food brokers has helped you learn more about who they are and how they can help you.

At It’s All Goods, we aim to offer all of our customer's food products at a reasonable price. We also put every one of our customers first so that they get the best service possible. So if you would like to get started with our food service or if you would like some friendly expert advice, then why not contact us now.

January 27, 2023