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How To Grow Your Convenience Store: A Guide

Selling C-Store Services is Highly Competitive - Be Prepared

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ith over 148,000 convenience stores across the US, the industry of selling food and other services is a competitive one. That's why it's important to know how to grow a convenience store the right way before trying to engage customers and make an impact.

Here, we're going to give you a complete guide on how to operate and expand your food store. Read on for some information on how to grow your business and achieve success.

Create the Right Store Layout

Your store layout is one factor that can greatly boost or decrease your sales. In fact, good product adjacency can increase purchases by 70%.

This means that you should place similar products near each other and group items together based on your target audience. For example, someone looking to buy cake mix will probably also be looking for frosting- place them near one another to maximize your sales!

Display your most profitable items at the store entrance. Don't be afraid to switch things up every once in a while and incorporate a couple of new products into the display. Even if customers become loyal to a couple of specific items, you will sell more things by rearranging and forcing them to look at other things.

Displaying popular products at opposite ends of aisles is also a good idea. It makes people walk down the aisle and past other offerings if they want to get both items. Other products get more visibility and therefore more sales.

Optimize Signage

Beyond having an awesome shop layout, you also will need to lay out signs the right way around your store. Label aisles clearly and place signs for promotions in the area where people can purchase the sale products.

Good signage also begins on the road - it isn't solely for the interior of your convenience store. Have an eye-grabbing sign outside your shop to get those driving by interested in your brand. Place signs on the highway or in other areas to advertise your business.

Make sure that all signage is clear, bold, and branded. Simple fonts convey a message and high-contrast colors boost readability. Adding your logo is also important because people can recognize your brand at a glance.

Establish an Online Presence

A good online presence is critical when trying to grow your business. After all, 76% of people look at a business's website before deciding to visit a brick-and-mortar venue. People will likely Google your convenience store for hours, pictures, promotions, and information on what you have to offer.

Be transparent and give them the facts that they're looking for. Make sure that your website is well-optimized with clear navigation and easy readability. It's also important that you use engaging multimedia content that keeps users interested in your brand.

Make sure that you list your convenience store on Google My Business as well. This lets you create a listing that shows up in "near me" searches (such as "food store near me.") It keeps you visible and accessible.

Build Strategic Partnerships

It takes a village to grow a business; you don't want to be left doing everything on your own. To get the best possible results, it's important that you work with a partner that understands trends in the eCommerce world.

When you pair with an agency that accelerates growth by representing your business, making sales, coordinating with clients, managing warehousing, and helping you focus on your goals, you can get a lot done. This is especially true when you know that they have a lot of contacts within your industry to help you form strong alliances.

Goal-oriented thinking is also a must, which is why working with It's All Goods is a great choice. Our expertise lies in keeping your business focused on clients with top industry trends and insights. We'll help you execute successful sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and more.

Offer Many Products

It's important that you offer more products than your competitors if you want to differentiate your convenience store brand. Ask yourself what products are not available at competitor stores and resolve to stock those. The greater your variety, the more customers will engage with your offerings.

You also can try rotating out different flavors for snacks and beverages. This doesn't just give customers the chance to try new things, It also lets you gather data into what flavors sell more vs what ones sell less.

Run Promotions

In addition to offering tons of different products, you should offer a wide range of promotions. Some ideas include:

  • Price-related promotions (2 for the price of 1, $1 off a product, etc)
  • Limited-time discounts to activate people's fear of missing out
  • Discounts on food pairs (e.g. 'buy a box of pasta and a jar of sauce, get 10% off both')
  • Coupons for those that subscribe to a newsletter
  • A loyalty program that rewards people for shopping with you frequently or spending a certain amount of money

This will help to get new customers interested in you. It will also build brand loyalty with existing customers.

Grow Your Convenience Store Business the Right Way

While growing a convenience store can be a challenge, remaining goal-oriented ensures that you will get as many customers as possible. Working with a team of food brokerage professionals also ensures that you can represent products, market your business, and deal with logistics the right way.

It's All Goods is committed to assisting you with convenience store setup and growth. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get more information on how we can help.

February 3, 2023