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Reasons to Remodel Your Convenience Store

Ensuring the Consumer Shopping Experience is Positive and Profitable

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lthough remodeling a convenience store can sometimes be an immense job, doing so is required to keep up with competitors.  There is pressure to always create a positive shopping experience for clients in-store and a ‘modern’ atmosphere somewhat expected by the consumer these days.  

On the plus side, remodeling can have a remarkable impact on consumer experience and therefore - sales.  A fresh layout and design in a c-store can really make the store seem cleaner and more inviting for the consumer.  Yet, many wonder when to remodel a c-store and need some inspiration to do so.

Know When a C-Store Needs Remodeling

There are several reasons that indicate a c-store needs remodeling.  One primary reason is for simple cosmetic purposes.  If a c-store looks outdated, dilapidated, or awkward, customers are less likely to want to shop there.  

Fortunately, there are affordable ways to update a store with relatively low effort.  These include things like rearranging the stock on the shop floor, updated signage and a good paint job.  More significant work will be required to keep the store up to date in the long run.

Competition is a driver for many c-store remodeling ideas.  So, if a shiny new c-store has popped up in an area, it’s possible c-store management at an older facility notice a dip in sales or customer traffic.  If a retailer notices this happening, it may signal it’s time for a re-vamp.

In 2018, Convenience Retail University (CRU) asked c-store retailer attendees about changes they planned on making to their business that year. 72 percent of those questioned mentioned remodeling and refreshing their stores.  Clearly, c-store owners value remodeling as a way of keeping up with the times.

Methodologies For Remodeling a C-Store

There are several ways to modify a c-store and every c-store requires slightly different remodeling techniques.  

Create an Ideal Shopping Destination

One popular method of remodeling is to transform a c-store into an ideal shopping destination.  Many non-updated c-stores lack the convenience that consumers are expecting or are accustomed to.

Having a coffee bar, deli, ice cream parlor, and more all in one place is becoming normalized in the c-store industry.  So, having everything a consumer could ever need in one location makes customers more likely to stay longer in the store and therefore spend more. Doing this will notably improve customer satisfaction.

Bridging Brands

Another successful way to remodel a c-store is to bridge the brand experience from the previous c-store into the new design.  In doing so, you will keep a familiar feel for returning customers not too far from the previous brand they enjoyed while equally giving new customers a fresh c-store experience.  

As an example, this could include using the same color schemes and logos as before rather than creating a completely new brand from scratch.  This will help to maintain some level of familiarity and trust that the retailer had with their customers before.

Great Signs

Signage is another great opportunity to remodel a c-store and make it more attractive.  Busy customers like those who shop at c-stores need to be enticed through compelling signs, both outside and inside the store.   So, make sure to take advantage of outdoor space including marquees to announce the c-store brand to those quickly passing by.

Using Space Well

Sometimes, remodeling is as simple as making effective use of the retail space.   Reorganizing a c-store’s layout can make a dramatic difference in a shopper’s browsing time.  Using techniques like graduated tiering can break the mundane organizational techniques shoppers are so used to seeing.  

Make use of space to redirect foot traffic so as not to create large lines at the cash registers.  Avoid tight aisles and instead, use multiple checkout areas to make the store more free-flowing.  There are all very simple but they can make a huge impact.

C-Store Remodeling Tips

When remodeling a c-store, it is generally best to avoid ‘knock down new build’ techniques and costly demolitions if possible as these are very time-consuming.  During this re-build time, retailers will inevitably lose profit.  Instead, aim to work with as much of the store’s existing infrastructure as possible.

It may also be worthwhile contacting remodeling professionals to give a c-store the best chances of success.  There are numerous experts that owners can use for this.  As an example, Stovall Construction Inc. has been operating since the 1970s.  Their website states:

As convenience store contractors in Texas, Stovall Construction specialize in the remodeling of convenience stores, and our talented teams know how to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. From exterior work to interior upgrades, we offer more than 40 years of industry experience.

Their expertise includes building maintenance, build-outs, flooring installation, lighting solutions, and more.  From Racetrack to Exxon TigerMart, they have worked with large and small brands.  So, retailers shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to specialists whenever they feel stuck and need help in remodeling a c-store!


Remodeling a c-store is essential for retailers to stay current and keep up with competition and industry trends.  C-store remodeling ideas are evolving all the time with new developments in the field every year.

September 9, 2022