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Tips for Selling CBD in Your C-Store

C-Stores are Well-Positioned for CBD Products – Here’s How to Boost Their Sales

cbd products on display at a convenience store

BD has become more popular in the past ten years or so, and for very good reason. Many people have found that CBD has a wide variety of benefits. Because of this, many people have begun to take CBD regularly for disorders like chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and much more. A lot of people try to buy their CBD online, however, even more people prefer to purchase their CBD from a c-store. CBD products in c-stores are common, and many people prefer the familiarity and the lack of shipment times. Thus, they opt to purchase their CBD at a local c-store. There are many ways to increase your CBD sales when introducing the product in your c-store, here's how.

Offer Quality Brands

Customers are more likely to do business with a retailer that offers quality products. When selling CBD, it's always a good idea to vet your products before selling them. There are a lot of bad CBD products out there, so be sure to do your research on each product before introducing them into your store. When trying to boost c-store CBD sales, quality is key. If you offer good quality merchandise, word of mouth will help you gain more customers.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most successful types of marketing. It's so successful, in fact, that 64% of marketing experts agree that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective type of marketing. This is because people are likely to listen to their friends when they like or dislike something. If someone says a product is good, then the other person is very likely to trust their friend's judgment. By this logic, if you offer good CBD products, people will find out, and a snowball effect could occur.

Advertise It Well

People can't buy your CBD product offerings from your c-store if they don't know what you sell. While it may get around, you'll get faster sales and more initial interest by advertising it well. Spend some time learning about your area, and your target market. It's important to bridge the gap between consumer and market. And you'll do so better by understanding your target audience. For instance, according to the Management Science Associates and their research, the average age range for male CBD users is 18-49 years old, while the average for female CBD users is 18-34 years old. Understanding your market can better help you understand how to advertise to them.

CBD has become more popular in the past ten years or so, and for very good reason. Many people have found that CBD has a wide variety of benefits. Because of this, many people have begun to take CBD regularly for disorders like chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and much more.

Once you have a good idea of who your products match best, you'll want to formulate signage that may relate to them and catch their attention. For females, you may wish to be witty or empowering, speaking about their daily life stress and how CBD may help. For males, you may wish to mention strength, and how CBD can help lower pains after a hard work day. Speak to your audience in a way that they would want to listen to. Make sure that your signage is easy to read, easy to understand, and placed strategically throughout the area. Target areas where your age range would frequent, such as bars, grocery stores, or workplaces. Be sure to stay away from areas where children are more likely to frequent, as it may be in bad taste in the community.

You may also wish to take out advertisements on billboards, or in the newspaper. Utilize online social media pages and keep your message short, yet effective. Let people know what you have, how much it may cost them, and where they can find it. You'll also want to make your advertisements easy to read should people pass by quickly.

Offer Promotions

Everyone loves getting something for free. This is why offering in-store promotions is a great way to help boost your CBD sales. For instance, you may wish to offer two for one deals or a discount on a certain brand. Rotate these sales, and create an urgency for them. People are likely to buy sooner if they feel that they'll miss out on something. Create demand by lowering the amount of time someone may save money on the product.

You may also offer promotions that pair a cheaper product with the CBD product. For instance, you can offer a free soda or store-brand potato chip with the purchase of a CBD product. This still helps people feel like they are getting a good deal, while keeping your overhead low. You may also move slow inventory in this way. You may also suggest a more expensive product by giving the illusion of a deal with the promotion. People are more likely to spend a bit more money if they feel like they're getting something free or worthwhile with the more expensive product. Utilize this tactic to your advantage, but try and only do this every so often, so as to stay fair and trustworthy to the customer base.


Boosting your CBD sales in your c-store can sometimes be a long process, but it doesn't have to be a hard process. Utilize common marketing tactics to help draw in a crowd, and offer good products that people can trust and would want to buy. This helps your customers trust your store, while still bringing in new customers and repeat customers. If you offer something people want, people are bound to show up. If you build it, they will come.

September 23, 2022