The Future of Convenience Stores eBook

Ever since the concept of convenience stores was introduced in 1927, the world has evolved drastically. Our newly released eBook, "The Future of Convenience Stores," explores what the future holds for C-Stores and how they can expect to be influenced by the latest trends and technologies.

New Technology & Consumer Demands Will Change the C-Store Industry Forever

Until recently, C-Stores had little competition in the space and stores had the same look and feel as they did nearly 60 years ago. However, in the last decade, new technologies have begun to emerge that will makeover and takeover convenience store operations.

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What You Will Learn

In the future, business practices that have been the staple of C-Store operations for decades will no longer be effective. The entire C-Store model is ready for, and expected to change. Fortunately, there are some clear indicators of which areas will be impacted the most. C-Store operators who want to stay ahead of these emerging trends need to better understand the forces and technology driving these changes.

Ordering Systems

Technology-integrated order, payment, and checkout systems enhanced with contactless interfaces.

Delivery Systems

Automated delivery, curbside pickup, and at-homedelivery service are the need of the hour.


Operations & Maintenance programs to control costs and enhance customer experience are vital.

Store Layouts

Shift from traditional store layouts to drive-up options and virtual reality-infused environments can change the nature of the game.


Incentives, personalized shopping, discounts, and constant engagement for loyal customers are crucial for long-term retention.


A healthier variety of food offerings, including fresh produce, gourmet coffee, and vegan-based options, is essential for health-conscious consumers.


Charging stations and other amenities for customers to accommodate electric vehicles can help C-Stores adjust to the new shift.


Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality(VR), and other technologies can help gain new and deeper customer insights and unlock new revenue streams.

It’s Now or Never!

The business imperative for C-Stores has arrived. You'll need to stay ahead of these emerging trends to tailor your operations to the ever-evolving business ecosystem and offer enhanced customer experiences.

Learn About the Driving Forces Behind Today’s C-Stores

Learn 8 application areas that are disrupting the C-Store industry so you can prepare yourself for the best and the worst.

Incorporate the Latest Technologies to Ensure Business Survival

Understand how other C-Stores in the country are adapting their business models to ensure survival and maintain a competitive edge. It’s now or never!