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Top Food Manufacturing Trends of 2023

Learn About and Use the Top Food Manufacturing Trends

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tudies have shown that the average American eats between 3 to 5 pounds of food per day. Often they edge closer to 4 pounds of food consumed in a typical day. Everyone has various types of diets and nutritional needs so what's on one person's plate will vary from person to person. But just where does this food come from? You can thank food manufacturers for doing their job to make this food available. In 2023, there are new food trends that are changing the way food manufacturers source, package, and create the food that fills our stomachs and fuels our bodies. Are you interested in learning more about some of the newest food trends that are shaking up the food manufacturing industry? If so, keep reading to discover these food manufacturing trends below.

More Restaurant-Branded Meals as Ready-to-Go Entrées

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything it's that a majority of working Americans want restaurant quality and convenience at home. Even with in-restaurant dining shuttered for the better part of a year, restaurants were still inundated by to-go orders.

That's why one of the top food trends is an emphasis on frozen entrees and fresh meal kits. Many major restaurant chains like Red Lobster and T.G.I. Friday's are offering some of their menu items for purchase in grocery retail chains. It gives the feel of dining out without the hassle of going to the restaurant to dine.

An Increase in Plant-Based Food Products

Once thought of as just a passing trend, plant-based food products are another one of the top food trends to watch for 2023 and beyond. The plant-based food industry's market value is estimated to reach $50.4 billion in 2023, a 13% compound annual growth rate from 2022's $44.5 billion.

Plant-based options satisfy many different groups. From those who are vegan and strictly vegetarian to those who are just looking for ways to eat less meat for personal health and environmental reasons. Many food manufacturing companies have already looked into releasing and distributing plant-based foods of their own to meet consumer demand.

A Greater Focus on Healthier Organic Food Trends

More people are taking an active approach to eating healthier and this starts with choosing the right types of foods. Food trends in 2023 are taking a greater focus on organic food products. This is especially true for younger demographics such as Millennials and Gen Z.

Organic foods are those that do not contain any additives like pesticides and fertilizers. They are grown naturally by organic farming. Organic food products are also better for the earth's ecosystem.

Food manufacturers are also focused on creating healthier alternatives. These often contain labels such as "less sugar" or "reduced salt". Food manufacturers need to stay up to date with these food trends to meet the demands of changing consumer habits.

A Reduction in Overall Food Waste

Food waste is a growing problem in the United States. Each year, an estimated 30-40% of the total food supply goes to waste. This includes food thrown away in U.S. households, as well as unsold food in stores going to waste.

Cutting food waste is a delicious way of saving money, helping to feed the world and protect the planet.  Tristram Stuart, English author and environmental campaigner.

The food manufacturing industry is also a culprit of major food waste. With food trends in 2023 heavily focused on a reduction in overall food waste, it is important to address these issues before they get worse. This includes reducing food spoilage and finding uses for food byproducts after the production process. It also involves fixing the inefficiencies in assembly line productions.

An Emphasis on More Sustainable Packaging

It's not just the food that is undergoing changes but also the packaging it comes in. In 2023, food trends in the food manufacturing industry are bringing awareness to environmental issues as well. Single-use plastics are some of the biggest contributors to landfill waste. Around 40% of plastics produced are single-use plastics. They are the ones most used for food packaging. Looking to the future and the health of our planet, sustainable packaging is key. It includes elements that can more easily decompose in landfills. Sustainable packaging also contains recycled materials that can be reused.

Heightened Food Safety Protocols

Food recalls can be costly for retail stores and food manufacturers alike. It can also be damaging to the reputation of the companies involved. Food manufacturers need to pinpoint common issues with food safety to find the right solutions.

One of the main reasons is often contaminants on the assembly line that affect the quality of the food products. Improperly refrigerated food can also spoil in transit and lead to widespread illness from consuming it. Food safety affects every area of consumer shopping from convenience stores to major retail chains. Food safety is of the utmost importance for food trends in 2023.

An Interest in GMO Food Products

GMO food products are experiencing their fair share of controversy when it comes to food trends. With a name like "Genetically Modified Organism," it can elicit the image of an apple or other fruit or vegetable with Frankenstein-style bolts sticking out of it. Many have concerns that these food products contain unsafe chemicals or give consumers harmful side effects. But GMO food products are made to be better. They have better taste and even better nutritional value than normal fruits or veggies. GMO products have longer shelf lives and require fewer resources to grow.

The Use of Renewable Energy

Consumers are looking to companies that are willing to make positive changes for the planet. One way to do this is through the use of renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and hydropower to cut down on the dependence on fossil fuels and save the planet from toxic runoff. This applies to food trends in manufacturing as well as the transport of these items. Many companies are now switching to electric vehicles to become more energy efficient on the road. Renewable energy impacts all areas of the food manufacturing industries.

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October 13, 2023